King Arthur's Round Table at the Great Hall,Winchester Castle
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King Arthur's Round Table at the Great Hall,Winchester Castle

King Arthur's Round Table : Myth or Fact? Discover the round table at Great Hall Winchester, England.

King Arthur of Camelot was  believed to lived during the 6th century, but his story was mostly known from folklore and literary writings. The search for the origin of Arthurian legend had been the subject of several historians, and was depicted on film adaptations since 1900 to present. Modern adaptation was the “King Arthur” movie (2004) with Clive Owen and Keira Nightley

Winchester is located at Hampshire, South East England. It hosts the Winchester Cathedral which is one of the largest Cathedral in Europe (some scenes from the movie Da Vinci Code was filmed here). The Winchester Castle where the Round Table is hanged at the Great Hall.

The Great Hall at  Winchester Castle

The Great Hall is a symbol of medieval mythology of King Arthur’s Table. The hall was built around 13th century at the heart of the Winchester Castle with the finest architectural designs. On this castle, Henry III was born here in 1207 and used to dine  on the Great Hall.

Eleanor’s Garden was opened in 1986 situated just outside the South Door of The Great Hall is a re-creation of a medieval herbarium named after Queen Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III and her daughter-in-law Queen Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I.

The statue of Queen Victoria was the work of Sir Alfred Gilbert, sculptor of Eros in Picadilly Circus, and was made to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 and presented in the country by the High Sheriff.

image source

The Round Table at Winchester Castle

The legendary Round Table at Winchester’s Great Hall was constructed in the late 12th century during the reign of Edward I. The creation was said to be initiated by King Edward because of his interest in Arthurian legend, and for his 1299  hosting of a Round Tables festival .  This festival was a popular event during the middle ages around Europe to imitate King Arthur’s court.

The table was made of English oak and weighs 1.25 tons with 18feet height and 3 inches thick.

According to recent report, researchers  now believed that the origin of the legendary Round Table was inspired by the circular amphitheater built by the Romans in 75AD located at Chester,South West Wales. According to Camelot historian Chris Gidlow, “The first accounts of the Round Table show that it was nothing like a dining table but was a venue for upwards of 1,000 people at a time.”

The knights are known for their strength, courage and heroism. They swore to protect the king and his kingdom. The famous and noblest among the knights was Sir Lancelot, who according to the Grail Legend was a descendant of King David of Israel. His romantic affair with King Arthur’s wife, Queen Guinevere, also played a major part in the legend. Here is a list of the knights of the Round Table , but there are said to be other list since several historian writings came out about the Arthurian legend.

1. Sir Galahad

2. Sir Lancelot

3. Sir Gawaine

4. Sir Percival

5. Sir Lionel

6. Sir Tristan

7. Sir Gareth

8. Sir Bedivere

9. Sir Blioberis

10. Sir La cotemal tail

11. Sir Lucan

12. Sir Palamedes

13. Sir Lamorak

14. Sir Bors

15. Sir Saphar

15. Sir Pellinore

16. Sir Kay

17. Sir Ector

18. Sir Dagonet

19. Sir Degore

20. Sir Brunar

22. Sir Guinglain

23. Sir Alymore

24. Sir Modred

The debate continues about the origin of the Arthurian legend since until now there is no historic proof that the legend ever existed.

Images taken by the author at Winchester Castle except for Queen Victoria

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Nice info and great pics!

tweeted @ nostate and Dugg, Facebooked, and Stumbledupon. Thank you.

Thanks for the info, neat pics!!

Always a fan of King Arthur. Good post. Re tweeted, dug and FB liked :)

Nice article. Keep it up. Darrell

The statue of Queen Victoria is exquisite and finely crafted, indeed. The Round Table at Winchester's Great Hall, weighing in at 1.25 tons is amazing. I would have never imagined an oak table weighing so much. Out of all the movies on King Arthur and his Knights, I really like Excalibur. Sir Lancelot and Merlin were a few of the great characters from that movie. The legend lives on and a great write and read about this compelling history.

Very good article, but there were over 200 Knights of the Round. Out of all of those my favourites were Sir Galahad and Sir Aglovale.

Super article! I would love to see all these sights.

Excellent article Simply! This subject has always fasinated me and I have read a great many books based on it. I personally believe that it was in Glastonbury or Wales. I have visted the cairnes on the Gower in South Wales which was said to have been placed there by Merlin, quite an intriguing number of cairnes scattered about. Wonderful read with a fabulous selection of photos I might add and I'm guessing they are by the author :-) Voted and tweeted!

I always thought King Arthur was a legend, not a real king...

How cool is this?? Loved it.

Excellent and interesting. I do believe in King Arthur and the knights. All I need to see is where excalibur was kept after King Arthur lost hold of it.

Great one. I wonder why they didn't forge an imitation of the Excalibur...

Ranked #10 in England

Interesting piece. Now, there is research that eludes to the round table not being a round table at all. It's more of a structure that held up to 1000 people for gatherings.

Ranked #9 in England

Great dip into history!

Loved the photos. Visiting must be incredible.